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M.Nomized/Eclectronic Producer/Fraction Studio Management

Synthetizers, Loops, Tapes, Programming, Sampler, Treatments,
Electric Guitar, Rythms, CD's, Soundscapes


" M.Nomized, born in Paris in 1956. Musician, composer, author, singer, poet and graphic designer, he started 73 on contemporary music and sound research with different bands as Eyesnoseandteeth, Stern.
- From 75 to 77, he played with the band Alcis with influences of bands like Can, Hawkwind, Pulsar, Kraftwerk, etc.. With Alcis he played in the first part of Claude Nougaro, Zao, Surya, Mona Lisa.- He founded a group of Indian music (raga) in 77, Dhismâ, a group that has marked the beginning of its work on repetitive music. With this group he performed in concert with Lard Free / Gilbert Artman and first part of Leny Escudero and Bernard Lavilliers.- By 79, he founded the group No Unauthorized with whom he played until 1997. M.Nomized based groups like The Golozos, Metallic Fuck or Les Amants D'Hier.- In 1983, he founded the label Fraction Studio, which aims to promote the production and dissemination of contemporary music, electronic, ambient, etc.. He also founded Minimart production (graphics, trade, mail art, etc..). By 89, M. Nomized in Belgium, several puppet shows 'The Crashing Puppets'.- Between 1990 and 1992 he studied piano and percussion at the conservatory. He composed and recorded with groups of diverse geographical backgrounds and music (electronic, experimental).- From January 1991 to December 1992, works with a recording studio Studio Scorpion (Le Mee sur Seine, 77). Recording, programming, music.- Since 92, he worked on the composition and song, both for itself and for various artists, while keeping a place for his work on repetitive music.
- He has composed music for a rotating sound sculpture during an exhibition in Norway (Oslo 92) music for an exhibition on the theme of the computer and its derivatives in the USA (New York 93), music for exhibition 'Figures Locales' in France (Cesson 93), music for theater sound space in Georgia (Ibilisi 96) and a sound environment for an exhibition on the theme of the campaign in France (Latouille Lentillac 97).
- At 93, he formed the group Les Amants D'Hier (Music Out), which allows him to expand his repertoire of songs. That same year he also composed several sets of music called 'minimalist': Music Logic, Circular Music Perculoop, Dada Music.- It participates in numerous compilations in France and especially abroad (Cds, K7S, etc..).- Over 90 cassettes under the name of M.Nomized, or make in collaboration with various artists, are produced on various independent labels in Japan, USA, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, Holland, Sweden, etc..- As of December 93, M.Nomized working on the music of a play: 'Juliet' (songs of Boris Vian and texts by Jean Cocteau).- Labour, 91, on the oriental music and musical involvement with a group of Rai (Algerian music).- Since 93, he composed various music "minimalist" (logic music, circular music, sonic language). It comprises six instrumental compositions for the magazine Computer and Music. In 96, presented several concerts in Belgium and Holland. Series of 'interactive,' based on the Tantras Tibetan singer and poet with the Dutch Messy.- Top 95, presented in concert in Bologna, the work of M.Nomized and IQCM (Spain).- M.Nomized also completing a major project 'High Technology', it is four hours of industrial music, experimental, rap, techno, and bows.- In May 95, M.Nomized six instrumentals composed for the magazine Computer And Music (No. 6), this music is on a floppy disk and can be used by all. The same month, M.Nomized play different music composed and recorded in collaboration with The Fresto (France), Devis G. (Italy), Cold Equation (France).- June 95 issue of Wooden Music, music composed specifically for acoustic percussion instruments (marimba, triangle, etc.)..
- Since July 95, M.Nomized working on new compositions for piano and loops. His works are also moving on in search of sounds 'ambient'.
- On 9 September, the first concert of Music For Piano And Loops in Holland. M. Nomized also working with artists like Mr.Moto (Germany), Devis G. (Italy) or I.Q.C.M. (Spain) and consists of experimental music.
- In October 95, M.Nomized reform No Unauthorized and recorded two cassettes. He then composed the music in a musical for children called 'Camisole Musik'.
- February 96, M.Nomized become a member and secretary of the journal The Chameleon. Diary in which he regularly writes articles, columns, etc..
- From March 1996 to November 1996, works with various groups and musicians in France and abroad, as Megatory (England), Mlehst (England), Kora (France), Daniele Brusaschetto (Italy), etc..
- Several concerts are presented in Belgium and Holland, concerts "interactive" which M.Nomized composed music based on the Tantras Tibetan and Messy (Holland) wrote and said his texts.
- As of December 96, writing reviews for the Journal of General Council (77): Seasons. M.Nomized also handles the new restructuring of the association Fraction Studio which he is president.
- In 1997, M.Nomized decides to stop the concerts and studio work only. He became president of Le Cameleon. He is also since the concept started in '89: image (spiral) - Music (loops) '. He collaborated with various artists such as Brusaschetto Daniele (Italy), Kora (France), The Legendary Poptones (Bulgaria), Bidoche Musique (Switzerland), De Fabriek (Netherlands), Le Microcosme (France), GS07 (Belgium), Megatory (England ), Clover Leaf (Germany), etc..
- January 97, recordings of new compositions for piano and minimalist loops and a tribute to the Beatles. He participated in a compilation CD produced in the USA and recorded with the band The Legendary Poptones (Bulgaria).- In February, he played with the band No Unauthorized, in the first part of the Trio Esperança to Voisenon. The same month, he recorded with two members of the industry group My Sweet Bunker, with the result, two new concepts of music techno-industrial (Not For Your Ears and Day Of The Dead).- On March 97, M.Nomized became president of Le Cameleon. He is also working on a new musical concept 'Sonic Language' and recorded a second cassette with The Legendary Poptones.- From April to June, he worked on various projects. Writing an article for the newspaper Seasons recordings for various bands and new musical works based on Minimal Ambient (derived from techno).- In September, M.Nomized cd participates in the English group Mlehst and composes for various compilations.- October 3, the last concert of the band No Unauthorized, with M.Nomized in the first part of Ekova to Combs La Ville (France).- From November to December 97, he worked for and composed the new album cd 'Cosmic Cool' from the German Carsten Olbrich (Ebu's Music) and participates in the compilation CD of French label: Variations Ludiques. Publications in various collective works on cassettes 'And Friends ...' and 'Floating' where we find Mr. Nomized Carsten Olbrich, Don Campau, Robin O 'Brien, Mr. Moto. M.Nomized increasingly abandons the song to lead its work towards experimentation and industrial music.- In January 98, released on the label Kadath (Portugal) a cassette 'Red Dragon', the result of the work of M.Nomized and Day Of The Dead (member of the band My Sweet Bunker).- M.Nomized ceases concerts (for himself and his band No Unauthorized) to devote himself solely to the studio.- March 98, Album Release M.Nomized cd: 'L'Héritier De L'Avenir' produced in Germany by Edition Neumann. Also released a cassette 'Phasor Movement' on German label Gorkon Recordings.
- Between April and June 98, new records in collaboration with The Legendary Poptones (Bulgaria), of IQCM (Spain) and De Fabriek (Netherlands). Publication of a new cassette 'Dimensions' to the Arctic Records label in France.
- July 98 release of second album cd M.Nomized 'A Strange Calling' produced in Germany by the label Edition Neumann. Preparation of a new cassette for Fraction Studio.
- September 98, M.Nomized working with Mr. Messy (Holland) with two records, one in the studio and in concert.
- From October to December 98, M.Nomized involved in the compilation CD of French label Euterpe. Different musical works are performed with the American poet Mark Sonnenfeld. Creating a new project with the German musician Siegdried Grundmann-Neubert as the Clover Leaf and released a debut CD 'Bump Together' produced by Edition Neumann, Germany.
- January 99, a third album cd M.Nomized 'Eight Waves "is produced by Edition Neumann.
- From February to May 99, M.Nomized participates compilations cds 'Cross-Cut 1' and 'Cross-Cut 2', again produced by Edition Neumann.- June 99, Album Release cd 'Armageddon' on the French label La Cadera.
- July 99 release of second album cd Clover Leaf with M.Nomized and Siegfried Grundmann-Neubert, Harddance '. This album is produced by Edition Neumann, Germany and is produced in cassette version (with two unreleased) by Fraction Studio. Contribution to the compilation cd label Euterpe 'Sacred Moments'. M. Nomized is produced on the Italian label Out Of Love Records with a cassette 'Lost Stray Music'.
- August 99, M.Nomized participates in a compilation CD of Japanese label Neus-318 and participates in the Italian musician Daniele cd Brusaschetto. Third collaboration with poet Mark Sonnenfeld (USA).
- In September, the American label Cohort Records produced an album cd 'Hopeless' with M.Nomized and De Fabriek (Netherlands).
- In October, he made his first M.Nomized cd album 'Midnight Creature' for the label Fraction Studio.- Between November and December 99, released two albums cds M.Nomized: 'Sonic Language-Second Part' and 'Different Ways' produced by Fraction Studio. Collaboration with Bidoche Musique (Switzerland) for a cassette 'Wu Xing-The Five Elements' produced by Black Orchid Productions in Slovakia.
- From January to February 2002, Studio fraction produced two albums 'Otherwise ...' and 'Tear 3' M.Nomized, including former songs, live songs and studio, etc..
- In March, participation in the compilation produced by Mp3 Extreme Rationalization Edition Neumann (Germany). Other rarities, live, etc.. are also on the compilation Mp3 Collection Vol.1 produced by Fraction Studio.
- From April to June 2002, M.Nomized part in the exhibition 'Tous En Seine' organized by the Space St John in Melun (France). He composed four original music, Music For River And Loops-Part 1 to 4, which are broadcast during the exhibition. Three albums were produced for the occasion. 'Music For River And Loops Studio', 'Music For River And Loops Exhibition' and 'Music For River And Loops Live'. This is the recording of a concert April 13 at Melun in collaboration with Kora.
- The Label Edition Neumann (Germany) produced a mini CD of M.Nomized with Clover Leaf 'Sexy'.
- From July to September, M.Nomized stores 'Sonic Language-Third Part'. Album Release 'Wu Xing-The Five Elements' (with Bidoche Musique) on Fraction Studio. Contributions of M.Nomized (one unreleased track and two pieces with Uranium 235) to the compilation cd Fraktion Basik (France) Uranium Part One 'and the compilation cd' Sensorium 'produced by Kunst Keller (mail art) in Germany.
- In October, Album Release Unpublished for the label Red Neon Tapes Belgium.
- In November, published by Wooden Music (minimal music) for Fraction Studio. This album is also produced in limited release (the album and box with a series of nine graphic novel).
- The year 2003 is devoted solely to the registration, production, collaborations and creating for different labels.- For Fraction Studio, M.Nomized realizes Numbers 1-9 Sequence Followed with Bidoche Musique (Switzerland), Insomnies Plurielles with Fervex (France) and a solo album Short.
- Contributions of M.Nomized the compilation CD 'Terra Incognita' produced by Kunst Keller (mail art) Germany.
- M.Nomized has composed several music 'ambient' for exhibition (Oslo, New York). In 2002, M.Nomized working on the project 'La Seine' with the city of Melun and gave his last concert.
- Since 1999, he remains active M.Nomized label Fraction Studio (64 references).
- A work of digitization of the largest archives of Fraction is Started since 2004. From 2006 to 2008, M.Nomized working with the American Tapegerm netlabel, collaborations with Hal McGee, Mental Anguish, Yuroun, Cystem, etc.. In 2009, publication of the 'Migrant Music' (comprising four albums) for Zorch Factory and Project 'East' (in collaboration with Obozdur, Light Collapse, Vitaly Maklakov, etc.). for Vault106.
- On July 13, 2009, M.Nomized first concert since 2002.- From September 2009 to September 2010 M.Nomized recorded various musical selections to accompany the digital images of Philippe Laurent (Hot Bip). The album is called 'Family'.
- In 2010, creation of a side project in collaboration with Usher (Norma Loy, Die Puppe): The Colors Thieves. A debut album 'Sky Of Diamonds' was published on Zorch Factory (France). A second album 'Lucy In The Clouds' The Colors of Thieves appeared on Otorragie (France) and a third album 'The White Album' was released on Fraction Studio (France).
- November 2010 Album Release Insomnies Démoniaques (with the collaboration of Wehwalt) on the label Otorragie (France).
- In 2011, M.Nomized appears on the compilation The rotations produced by Dna Production Project in Russia. It also contributes to the compilation Necktar 2017 Volume 1, 2 and 3 produced by Le Colibri Nécrophile (France).
- In February 2011, Mr. Nomized new album 'Music For Reversed Loops' with the collaboration of various musicians from the U.S. label Tapegerm.
- M.Nomized contribute to three compilations International Mail Music Project produced by Haltapes in Usa.
- April 2011 contribution to a compilation produced by Ifar Compilation (Uk).
- Between May and September 2011, M.Nomized participates in several compilations in Germany, USA, France and recorded an album in collaboration with Usher (Norma Loy) 'The Pussy Thieves' in honor of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno.
- October 2011, new album 'Wasted World' with Shambala Networks (Romania).- November 2011, the album The Minimal Stories - Remixes vol.1 appears with twenty artists.
- In 2012, M.Nomized recorded several albums in collaboration with William Spivey (Usa), Vitaly Maklakov (Russia), Metek (Norway), Prism Consciousness (Usa), The Colors Thieves (France).
- M.Nomized accentuates his work on his image and working with various artists such as Karl Peter Merz (Germany) Bloop (France), Eric Lacombe (France), Jimmy Kerast (France), Jean Yves Rousson (France), Luc Madrange (France) .
- May 2012 release of The Last City, in collaboration with Karl Peter Merz for the images and Catherine Deschamps De Boishébert for text.
- November release of the album 'Experimentations For Electric Guitars' and the album 'Rmx 2'.
- For the end of 2012, M.Nomized produced album 'Circles And Squares'.
- January 2013 M.Nomized recorded an album 'The Creator of the Worlds' with paintings by Madrange Luc (France) and produced by Ancient Language Records (Romania).
- In February, M.Nomized record an album 'Concert Subaquatique' with LeRouge on an idea by Jerome Euxeb.
- April 2013, the album 'Organic Mutations' by M.Nomized is produced simultaneously on Black Circle Records (Scotland) and God Hates God Records (Belgium). Another album by M.Nomized 'New Lands' is produced by Fraction Studio (France) in collaboration with Marco Lucchi (Italy) for the visual. In the same month, the album Asteas is produced by Tranzmitter Netlabel (Brazil).
- May 2013 release of The City Of Lights, in collaboration with Karl Peter Merz for the images and Catherine Deschamps De Boishébert for text.
- M.Nomized play in concert, the 14 september 2013 at Bruxelles (Belgium) for the GHGR Night first festival. The first concert since 2009.
- December 2013, parution of an album 'Future Journeys' with Ars Sonor (Sweden).
- Between January and March 2014, M.Nomized record 'The Microscopic World Of Drones' with Sylphides (Belgium), 'The Surrogate Piano Reworks' with Midnight Moodswings (Usa) and 'Blütenblätter' with Silentport (Germany). He record also, an album for Fraction Studio 'An Ancient World'.

Recorded And Mixed At Fraction Studio France.
All Musics Played And Composed By M.Nomized
Artworks By M.Nomized

All Rights Reserved P.1999

Original Tape Waves Xtract By M.Nomized

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